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July 24, 1981


This is a letter of recommendation for James Carter. I have known and worked with James since he was 15 years old. He began working for our organization, Theatre Management Associates/Mr. Ashton Springer, as a production assistant, for our productions and the Helen Hayes Theatre (known then as the Little Theatre). Worked himself up to Production Stage Manager before we closed our office. I have had the pleasure of watching him develop as a teenager into a responsible mature adult.

Here are the attributes of James “Prez” Carter.

Plan preparation and implementation

Willingness to invest the time to complete the task, Team player

Goes beyond his duties to ensure the project is completed

Flexible to the situation

Always on time

My brief highlight of James’ skills and qualifications show that he is the candidate of choice and James has expressed a strong desire to join your organization. He is qualified, dedicated, skilled, and an asset to anyone who hires him.

Shirley Company, Inc.


4300 Walther Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21214


Phone: 410.444.4017

Fax: 443.708.2968

If you need additional information please contact me. I can be reached at 410.444.4017 or via email at .


Mary Card



Dear James,

It was really nice working with you this Sunday, June 22nd for the Arts Cure Recital.

It was one of the hardest techs since we had to make things happen in such a short period to time.

The show I directed was 24 scenes with more than 20 performers including kids.

In fact, as a theater director, I was worried that it would not be ready by the show's time.

However, it turned out so beautifully.

You and your staff were so punctuated to start the tech and were ready to support our needs.

While I work with you, I defiantly felt your dedication to the theater works.

You were very supportive not only as a technician but also as a team member of our show.

You cared about the show and you made yourself involved to make this happen more than I expected.

Without you and your staff's help, the evening wouldn't be as smooth as it was.

I enjoyed working with you.


Thank you very much


All the best,

Sonoko Kawahara

Theater Director.




Dear John,


I hope this e-mail finds you and all of your team well. I was planning to send this e-mail much earlier, but have been overwhelmed with a lot of assignments including a final report to the NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs which supported our performing project.


Now, I would like to mention your crew at the Theatre led by James Carter. I must say I am very happy with their job done in our performance on Sunday, June 22nd. Since we had only one-day performance, we asked them to be there from 8 AM which I don't blame anyone would complain about. But, when I arrived there at 8 AM, they were already there working with our director, Sonoko Kawahara. They were very open-mind to the crew I brought in and cooperated to work together. I believe this made the whole procedure smooth and easier. Plus, as you may remember, the dance pole rental vendor that I had to hire caused a significant trouble to us including James. But he never blamed it and focused on his job. It was very impressive to me. After all, we could finish our show successfully.I apologized him about the trouble after the performance, but he said, "Well, the most important thing is you had your show successful."


I am so grateful to your crew and hope I can work with them again. John, thank you very much for everything you and James did for us!


Best regards,


Eri Misaki


Patrice A. Davidson                            Byron C.Saunder

Set Designer/Production Designer

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  Brian K. Morgan                   Thelma Pollard

  Music Producer               Hair & Makeup Artist 





   J​ames E. Carter    

Award-Winning Creative Director with 30+ Years of Experience based in New York City


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